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ICC responds to threat of US sanctions

Tehran, International Criminal Court (ICC) said on Tuesday that it would continue to act without fear and concern in response to a US threat to the boycott of the court.

The response came in response to US National Security Advisor John Bolton's threat that the US would boycott it if the tribunal investigates US activities in Afghanistan.

The International Court of Justice, located in the Hague, the Netherlands, issued a statement adding that the tribunal is an independent and impartial body backed by 123 countries.

The ICC, as a court of law, continues its actions without fear and in accordance with the prevailing principles of the rule of law.

On Monday, the United States threatened to impose sanctions against ICC if investigations were initiated about the country's war crimes in Afghanistan, by adopting an offensive against the Hague International Criminal Court.

The request is part of Bolton's first important speech since his appointment in the new cabinet, a draft which saw by Reuters. 'The United States will protect with all the means necessary to protect its citizens and allies against the unfair trials of this court,' the speech said.

According to Reuters, Bolton acknowledged in this speech that the US will 'confront them' if International Criminal Court officially opens a case for investigating US war crimes in Afghanistan.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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