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Implementation of Supreme Leader’s guidelines on solutions to economic problems discussed

The 55th session of the Supreme Economic Coordination Council was held on Monday under the chairmanship of the President, in which the implementation of the recent instructions of the Supreme Leader to the Council on solutions to economic problems was discussed.

Referring to the meeting of the Supreme Economic Coordination Council in the presence of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution and the views expressed by the Supreme Leader in this meeting, President Hassan Rouhani said, "The Economic Coordination Council is a valuable capacity according to the Supreme Leader, which as he said, can ratify effective plans in the country's economy, which have been prepared with the cooperation of the country's expert body and specialists, especially with the help and assistance of other branches, and remove obstacles from the country's relevant agencies".

Dr Rouhani added, "Regarding the Supreme Leader's emphasis on supporting the low-income classes, such as making water, electricity and gas free for the underprivileged, the government has taken measures that can help the underprivileged to improve consumption patterns".

The President continued, "Regarding other sections, the executive solution of all cases will be on the agenda of the Coordination Council meeting".

Dr Rouhani continued by emphasising investment security in the country and encouraging and increasing the hope and trust of investors and the need to remove investment barriers, and said, "The main way to save the country's economy is to increase hope and strengthen trust among investors".

The President added, "We are all obliged to support and ensure the security of investors, and it is necessary that a plan be developed and implemented in this regard, and that all branches help domestic investors to activate their capital inside the country".

Stating that for promotion and security of investment, the government alone cannot provide all the conditions and needs the assistance and cooperation of other branches, Dr Rouhani added, "It is necessary that the heads of the three branches have closer companionship and consultation with each other to achieve a single interpretation of issues".

Source: Presidency of Islamic Republic of Iran

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