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In a cabinet session chaired by President Rouhani

$52 bn allocated for repairing damages to Mazandaran farmers/Receiving loan from Russia approved/Iran, Slovenia to sign economic coop. document

The cabinet convened on Wednesday, chaired by Dr Rouhani, and reviewed and discussed suggestions by the workgroup on the "Bill of the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran" and approved a number of its clauses.

Based on the clauses of the bill, Iran's currency was determined by the Council of Ministers to be Toman.

Another issue that was discussed and approved by the cabinet was allocating $52 billion for repairing the damages made to farmers by extreme cold in Mazandaran province.

The Council of Ministers also approved receiving loan from Russia for infrastructural and production projects.

The loan will be spent on new energies, nuclear activities, railroads, energy, express ways, dams, irrigation systems and water transfer projects.

The council also authorised Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance to temporarily sign an agreement of economic cooperation between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Slovenia.

Source: Presidency of Islamic Republic ofIran

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