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In search of inhabitants of Parthian Liar Sang Bon site in Amlash

Tehran, Simultaneously with the start of the third season of archeological explorations it was announced that the explorations are aimed at obtaining more information on the ancient people who used to dwell in that area.

The third season of emergency explorations has been launched in the ancient Liar San Bon site and in the workshops which have been set up in the eastern and western part of the area the archeologists are seeking additional information about the ancient peoples who used to settle in the site.

The Public Relations Office of the Research Institute of Cultural Heritage and Tourism (RICHT) quoted the head of the exploration team, Vali Jahani, as saying on Monday that the Liar Sang Bon ancient site in Amlash, Gilan Province, has been brought under archeological explorations for the third consecutive year.

He noted that after the discovery of the ancient site in 2012, probing operations were launched in 2014 in order to determine its limits and privacy and with regard to the interruption created up to 2016, the area was severely plundered by the unauthorized people looking for the antiques.

Jahani pointed out that the three-kilometer distance from the nearest village and the impassable path of access to the work area, has made preservation of the valuable ancient cemetery very difficult. Therefore, he added, the emergency explorations was included in the agenda and with the help of the archeologists in Gilan Province the operations were conducted in 2016 and 2017.

He further remarked that during the explorations which have been conducted in the site so far, valuable cultural data have been obtained and the archeologists have conducted anthropology and ancient botanic studies over the ancient data.

According to the archeologist, many of the results of the studies have been put at the disposal of the experts in the form of report, thesis, articles and presentations while many others are getting prepared.

The head of the archeology team stated that absolute chronological studies that have been conducted on the teeth of the dead bodies in the ancient cemetery put the age of the site back to 1950 years ago, that is to say simultaneous with the Parthian era.

He said the third season of the emergency explorations in the ancient Liar Sang Bon site has been launched and it seems that in this season, with regard to the workshops which have been set up in the eastern and western part of the site, further information would be obtained about the ancient people who used to reside in that area.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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