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In search of reasons for locational changes in Sirjan

Tehran, A plan to survey the city of Sirjan in a circular sphere with a diameter of 30 km from the present city of Sirjan was specifically conducted through monitoring examination and field studies in order to determine the development and expansion of the location of the city in different periods.

The Public Relations Office of the Research Institute of Cultural Heritage and Tourism (RICHT) quoted Zainab Afzali, head of the plan for the study and identification of the city of Sirjan in the Islamic era and its communication routes, as saying on Saturday that one of the objectives of the plan is to search for reasons for the locational changes of the city in the Islamic era and its connection to the main communication routes.

She added: Due to the uncertainties regarding the settlement of the Safavid period in the city of Sirjan and lack of archeological information in this regard, the present research plan was implemented and so far major sections of the area have undergone intensive archeological survey and monitoring and the sites, the buildings and different works have been identified and documented.

According to the archeologist, the strategic position of the city of Sirjan and its proximity to commercial pathways as well as its suitable climatic zone has led to the formation and prosperity of the city in different Islamic periods as such in the first four centuries Hejira, it had served as the capital city of Kerman and had been in its peak of flourishing.

Referring to the fact that all throughout history Sirjan has experienced many ups and downs which have led to the repeated dislocations, Afzali said: Unfortunately, in recent years as a result of the expansion and change in the application of agricultural lands, and unauthorized excavations in the sites, different parts of the settlement areas in Sirjan have been severely exposed to damage and even destruction.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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