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Increasing request of countries to establish permanent museum in Iran

Tehran, The deputy head of the Iran's cultural heritage said that some countries are applying for the establishment of a permanent museum in Iran, and this 'represents a successful diplomacy of our cultural heritage'.

Mohammad Hassan Talebian said in news conference of the Netherlands 'Drente' exhibition at the National Museum on Tuesday that sanctions have no effect on Iran's cultural diplomacy, but after sasnctions the country will witness further enthusiasm, so that countries as Spain, Singapore, and Japan are new applicants that exhibitions are held in Iran.

He added, 'In the past, our exhibitions had a one-way approach and we would send more work, but with policy change, we showed more engagement with bilateral exhibitions, showing the works of Italy, Armenia, South Korea, French Louvre and we put the Netherlands on the agenda.'

Talebian emphasized, 'The cultural diplomacy is more successful than other diplomacy, and it creates a ground for peace and proximity among nations.'

'The experiences of the National Museum of Iran with foreign exhibitions have reached the level that most foreign exhibitors are satisfied,' he continued.

The deputy director of Iran's cultural heritage said, 'We will strive to cooperate with all the world's museums, even private museums and collectors.'

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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