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India, Iran to enhance ties despite US pressure

Tehran, IranIndia relations will be expanded despite the US pressures, the Zionist regime and Saudi Arabia, Associate professor of Ankara University Omar Anas underlined.

Anas added that India's foreign policy in the Middle East has been in line with countering instability and security in the region, Anatoly News Agency reported on Saturday.

Referring to India's opposition to the US sanctions against Iran, he argued that Tehran plays an important role in supplying the energy needs and that these sanctions are painful for India.

Associate professor at Ankara University said India expects Iran to show more flexibility in regional engagements.

Pointing out the IndiaPakistan relationship, he further noted that Islamabad has recently realized that it must reexamine its priorities in competing with India.

Anas said the current policy of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan is severely under scrutiny and analyzed by India.

The tensions between India and Pakistan have increased in the past two months following the February attack in the Pulwama area of Kashmir, which killed 40 Indian officers.

India accused Pakistan of involvement in this terrorist operation. Islamabad has repeatedly denied India's claims in various statements.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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