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India scholars stress safeguarding joint cultural heritage with Iran

New Delhi, A number of Indian university scholars of Persian language stressed the need for transferring the ancient culture jointly shared with Iran to the next generations.

During a seminar here which focused on common heritage of two nations in the past centuries, some of the Persian language Professors from Iranian and Indian universities stressed the need for transferring this valuable treasure to the future generations.

The seminar titled The Persian Literature Legacy in Iran and Indian Subcontinent during 14th and 15th Century' was organized by The Cultural House of Islamic Republic of Iran in India and the Persian department of Aligarh Muslim University.

Addressing the seminar was Hojjatollah Abedi, Deputy Director of Iran's Cultural Center in New Delhi who noted Both countries have literatures and literary circles that are rich with ethics and moral teachings.'

He said anything standing contrary to these values will not fit in these boundaries.

Reciting the works of some of the Persian poets of 14th and 15th centuries B.C. like Hafez and Amir Khosrow Dehlvi and Jami, he maintained that in the modern era too, it is necessary for everyone to increase the cultural interaction between the two nations.

The official further stressed that any program to promote literature should aim at highlighting human values and help the audience to take positive strides in becoming better human beings.

When we deal with Culture and History, we should have a positive and constructive vision and explore and implement the practices and trends that are helpful for our lives, he added.

Dr. Ehsanollah Shokrollahi , Chairman of Islamic Republic's Center for Persian Studies in India, in his speech delivered to the seminar highlighted the importance and need for libraries to reform the ethnic needs of the Indian nation through recognition and revival of manuscripts and reforming the methods used to keep them.

Highlighting the importance of protecting whatever relating to the collective cultural memory of both nations, he said the peoples' identities were kept and handed over to next generations through the language they speak

Some 58 articles were presented to the three-day seminar by Indian and Iranian participants in 9 scientific

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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