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India won’t accept unilateral sanctions against Iran: FM (UPDATED)

Tabriz, Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj said on Saturday that the Indian government accepts only sanctions approved by the UN and won't accept or recognize unilateral embargoes against Iran.

In a meeting with East Azarbaijan Governor General Majid Khodabakhsh in Tabriz' Shahid Madani Airport, she referred to her visit to several European states, particularly France, Italy and Luxemburg, saying that she held talks with five presidents, five foreign ministers and speakers of the countries during her tour of Europe.

Noting that Iran nuclear deal known as the JCPOA was one of the major topics she discussed during all the meetings, she said that they all inquired about India's opinion on the JCPOA.

I am happy that during all ten sessions with European foreign ministers and parliament speakers, I underlined that India does not accept unilateral sanctions against Iran, she said.

The last time the US had imposed unilateral sanctions against Iran India did not follow the unilateral embargoes, Swaraj said.

Our ties with Iran are not limited to being neighbors; rather the relations date back to centuries ago, she said.

European Union, particularly France, Germany and Britain, are committed to support Iran under the JCPOA, she said.

I told French President Emmanuel Macron that you as signatories to JCPOA should help Iran financially, especially after Donald Trump pulled US out of the deal, she said.

I also said that if Europe is ready to do business with Iran in euro, India is also ready to make transactions with Iran in the same currency, she said.

The JCPOA is for France, Germany and Britain alone; rather it is for all major European states, she said.

Governor General Khodabakhsh, for his part, appreciated India's cooperation with Iran, especially in hard times, saying that the Indian government and nation have had very positive cooperation with Iran after the US withdrew from the JCPOA.

We regard Gandhi as a very great and respectable leader and we know that you have also suffered from arrogance for years, he said.

Gandhi and the Iranian nation's campaigns share a common concept of freedom seeking, he said.

On the way from Europe to India, plane carrying the Indian foreign minister and her accompanying delegation made a stopover in Tabriz' Shahid Madani Airport for refueling, when Swaraj sat down for talks with the provincial governor general.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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