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Indonesia and Iran have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on womens empowerment, child protection and family health, according to the Indonesian Embassy in Tehran.

Indonesian Minister of Womens Empowerment and Child Protection Yohana Yembise and Iranian Vice President for Women and Family Affaoirs Masoumeh Ebtekar signed the MoU on Monday (July 30), the embassy said in a press statement released on Monday.

The MoU is the result of the previous meetings between Yohana and Ebtekar in Mashaad, Iran, on April 27 last year and in Jakarta on May 1 this year.

The MoU contains several issues including the protection of children against any form of violence and harassment covering the impact of digital media, the participation of women in politics, the strengthening of economy for womens and childrens welfare by empowering and providing information and communication technology and the strengthening of families through a number of family resilience programs.

Yohana said the signing of the MoU is a crucial moment to identify areas of cooperation between the two countries, particularly with regard to child protection and womens empowerment in the two countries.

She also stressed the importance of protecting children and the fulfillment of their rights is joint responsibility protected by the law. The measure is aimed at lowering the violence rate and illegal trading of women and children.


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