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Indonesian envoy urges showing middle way Islam

Tehran, Indonesian Ambassador to Tehran called for presenting a middle way of Islam (Wasatiyyah) which is free of extremism.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) held on the sidelines of the inauguration ceremony themed 'Indonesia Corner' in University of Islamic Denominations, Octavino Alimudin said 'We do not want to show Islam in extreme way of life because the essence of Islam should be with the grace and then all the people will feel that they are friends.'

He added 'we are against extremism and we could live peacefully even though there are different religions or school of thought.'

Elaborating on the major threats for Muslims around the globe, Alimudin underlined secularization and discrimination, saying 'what we see is mostly about extremism in terms of ideologies'.

He described as dangerous adopting extreme ideology to force all people be the same and having a single community.

Answering another question on Indonesian government plan to develop relations with Iran, he said, 'First and foremost we have good relations in political, economic, socioculture and also security fields.'

Referring to the huge number of Indonesian students studying in Iran, Alimudin said 'we may establish more cultural cooperation which is about tourism, journalist's visit'.

He went on to say that Indonesia has put on the agenda 'promoting joint research which will be conducted between universities as well as government.'

Extending dissatisfaction over the limited number of Iranian students studying in Indonesia, he said Indonesia will disseminate information over governmental scholarship to attract more and more Iranian students.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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