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Indonesian scholar: Iran playing strategic role in region | Iran News Gazette
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Indonesian scholar: Iran playing strategic role in region

Tehran, � Iran is playing a strategic role in the Muslim World, Indonesian Core Doctoral Faculty of the Indonesian Consortium for Religious Studies said.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) held on the sidelines of the 32nd International Islamic Unity Conference that opened in Tehran on Saturday, Dicky Sofjan said 'I have always believed that Iran has very strategic position in the Muslim World I think Iran has a lot to give to the World of Muslim.'

'I think it needs a lot more communication and trust building from Iran to the outside world and vice versa and I think there are lots of misconceptions and misperception about Iran that needs to be resolved,' he added.

'One of the ways to do so would be to use various platforms educational, cultural, and also in the form of people to people interactions,' he reiterated.

Expressing regret over conflicts in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and other countries, Sofjan said 'well it is definitely very sad to see how this region has come to terms of looking at how many conflicts that is prevalent in the region.'

'Of course coming from Southeast Asia we come from a very different region, but we also view that we have a particular perspective and position in the larger Muslim World and there is also something to learn from Southeast Asia with respect to how to build collaboration and cooperation among nations and countries,' he noted.

Indonesian scholar also pointed to the intolerance and sectarianism in the Middle East saying 'this is something which we are watching very closely because obviously we don't want negative effects going through our region'.

Elaborating on how to realize the slogan of unity, he said, 'I think it requires a lot of things obviously awareness and consciousness about the needs of the Muslim community and for the governments of the Islamic World to come together and to work more closely and to communicate more closely.'

'I think the challenge especially for the participants in this conference is how they can be sort of fully aware of the need for this unity and proximity to materialize but also to sort of build bridges,' Dicky added.

'There is also the external factor that cannot be ignored and that is the superpowers playing in the region who are trying to discord the Muslim Ummah and this is something that we all must be fully aware of,' he said.

Appreciating Iran for hosting the event, he said, 'I think this conference is quite strategic because it brings together many of the religious leaders of the Muslim World from many of the countries the Middle East, Europe, south East Asia and Africa.'

'I think the fact that Iran is hosting this international conference itself proves how strategic Iran is in the Muslim World,' he reiterated.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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