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Interior Ministry: Recent protest masterminded by foreigners

Tehran, Spokesman of the Interior Ministry Salman Sameti said on Sunday that foreigners have masterminded the recent chaotic situation in the country in protest to inflation, deplorable status of living standards being spread by cyberspace.

Thos spreading such rumors wished to get fish in troubled waters, but to no avail as the number of people who attended such gatherings was very minor, he said.

Some people were protesting to the country's tough economic situation but the majority one sought chaos under pretext to economic problems, Sameti added.

He expressed the hope that such problems would be resolved through negotiations.

Law will respond to those violating the country's rules and regulations through storming public assets, Sameti said.

The Interior Ministry expects people to follow their demands through legal channels, he said.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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