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Intl. community must force chemical weapon holders to dismantling

Tehran, Zionist regime and some countries have not yet joined the Chemical Weapons Convention, and the international community must persuade the holders of this type of weapons to expedite their destruction,' the Foreign Ministry's Directorate General for International Peace and Security, said.

Reza Najafi said at the opening ceremony of the 10th International Educational Conference on Medical Aspects of Protection and Relief Against Chemical Weapons, 'The Islamic Republic of Iran, as one of the major victims of chemical weapons, is condemning any weapons of mass destruction by anyone in each place and under all circumstances, and this belief is rooted in the religious beliefs of the Iranian people.'

He added that the Iranian nation has bitter experience of more than 250 chemical attacks of the regime of Saddam during the eight-year war, which left about 100,000 victims.

The Foreign Ministry Directorate General for Peace and Security emphasized that the use of unconventional weapons against Iran during the eight years of Saddam's invasion was in the silence of the international community, in particular the United Nations Security Council.

Najafi said, 'After many years the war ended, the number of injured people and their health shows the extent and severity of Saddam regime's attacks against Iran by chemical weapons.'

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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