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Int’l conference on Caspian Sea exports underway in Iran

Sari, An international conference on developing the exports from the Caspian Sea is underway in the city of Sari, north of Iran.

The director of Amirabad Special Economic Zone, Siavash Rezvani, said the two-day conference, titled Development of Exports from the Caspian Sea, will address six topics: the role of ports and services quality in economy, discussion on port regulation and the role in promotion of exports, political conditions in Russia and the West, investment in Iranian northern ports and sustainable development.

The conference should lead to a better utilization of Iran's northern ports capacities; a task that requires infrastructure and diversification of exports, he said.

Currently, due to the interest in Iran-made products in the Caspian Sea littoral countries the stage is set for promotion of exports from northern provinces, he said.

500,000 tons of non-oil products was exported from Iranian northern ports to the countries on the Caspian Sea last year, the official said.

The conference is attended by Turkmenistan's ambassador, and deputy ambassadors of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan embassys in Tehran. Moreover, experts from some 14 countries, including Iraq and Afghanistan are invited to the international event.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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