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Int’l drug trafficking gang busted

Tehran, The Airport Police of Iran announced that an international narcotics gang has been identified and demolished.

'The gang that was highly active in Tehran and Mashad had already taken narcotics to Canada, Australia, etc.,' said Brigadier-General Hassan Mehri.

'The discovered haul was 59 kilograms of opium cleverly hidden in furniture and two industrial ovens to be sent to London.'

Mehri said, 'It was so skillfully hidden that the existing equipment was not able to detect it; the police officers of Imam Khomeini International Airport, southwestern Tehran, discovered it with sagacity.'

He also added that following the discovery in Imam Khomeini Airport 21 kilograms of narcotics was found in Mashad and Bandar Abbas airports, respectively in northwestern and southern Iran.

He said in the operation, four people were arrested; two cars and a motorcycle were confiscated.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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