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Int’l Film Festival for Children and Youth introduces selection board members

Tehran, Secretary of the 31st International Film Festival for Children and Youth introduced the festival's selection board members on Thursday.

Alireza Rezadad in a separate verdict introduced Hassan Aqa Karimi, Mahdi Baqer Beigi, Marzieyh Mahboub, Mohammad-Reza Kheradmandan and Amir Saharkhiz as the festival's selection board.

**Aqa Karimi:

Born in 1957, he was graduated in cinema and television from the University of Art. He began his artistic career as a production manager at the Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults. He was director of several films, including 'Mr. Manager', 'Temporary', 'and Running Away from Qal'eh Rudkhan ', 'Death Trip and 'Key Builder'.


Born in 1977 in central Province of Isfahan, he started his carrier in cinema industry as an actor in TV series called 'Tales of Majid'.

In 2013, he became a member of Isfahan City Council and has played in several films, including 'White Death', 'Bread and Poetry', 'Shiraz Logbook', 'Morning of Other Day' and 'Shame'. He has also acted in several TV series, including 'Khaton', 'Say I Am', ' Open Parenthesis ', ' On the Route of Zayandeh Roud' as well as 'Tales of Majid'.


Born in 1958, she is doll maker and a graduate student of Puppet Theater from the School of Dramatic Arts in Tehran. She has a history of membership in the selection and review boards of various international festivals of puppet shows in Tehran, the Hamedan International Theater Festival of Children and Youth, the puppet department of Sacred Defense theater, the Festival of Students' Puppet Theater Art University of Tehran.

She is a member of the Board of Directors of UNIMA Iran, director and designer of the program', 'Auntie Frog and Kiddy', 'Auntie Frog and Son', 'Mouse and Aunt', etc and the doll maker, designer and manufacturer of dolls in cinematic works such as 'Abraham in Golestan,', ' Redhat and Cousin,' 'Dara and Sarah,' and so on.

She has also been awarded with several plagues of honor from Tehran International Puppet Festival, Sima Festival as well as IRIB's Jam-e Jam World Network.

She is a member of the Board of Directors of the Iranian Branch of the International Union of Puppet players and is also known as the mother of Iranian dolls. She started his activity in a puppet series dubbed 'Grandma's House'.


Born in 1982 in Shiraz, he is a graduate of IRIB University, and since 2014, he has started his artistic production of short films and animations. He has so far produced nine short films, four animations and one feature film called '21 Days Later'. The film has been shined in different international festivals.


Born in Tehran in 1975, Saharkhiz is an animation director and visual effects designer.

He is the director of several animations, including 'Iranian Chat ', 'Ae La Mode', 'Urgent News' and the visual effects designer of 'Mukhtarnah' and 'Separation ', 'About Eli', 'A Sugar Cube', 'Song of Sparrows', ' The blood game ', etc.

So far, he has won several prizes from various film festivals in Iran and been a jury member of different cinematic events in Iran.

The 31st International Film Festival for Children and Youth is to be held in the tourist city of Isfahan slated for August 30- September 5.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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