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Int’l lawyer refutes misconceptions on Iran deal

Tehran, April 23, IRNAA prominent law expert from Geneva's Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies rejected misunderstanding regarding Iran withdrawal from nuclear accord.

It's incorrect to say that Iran will respond to a US violation of the JCPOA with its own 'violation', Reza Nasri said in a Twitter message released on Sunday.

If Iran decides to cease performing its commitments in response to a US non-compliance, it would be acting within Art. 36 of JCPOA. That would not be a 'violation'! he added.

The US administration has done a great deal over past year to kill Iran nuclear deal.

Trump is expected to announce his decision regarding suspending sanctions against Iran and continuing the implementation of the JCPOA on May 12.

Many of those 'experts' in US that are making biased predictions on how Iran will react in order to induce [US President] Donald Trump to kill the JCPOA, are the same experts that 'predicted' with certainty in 2013 that [Iranian President Hassan] Rouhani has absolutely no chance to become president, Nasri reiterated in a separate message.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has already confirmed ten times Iran's commitment to the landmark July 2015 international deal.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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