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Int’l lawyer refutes Saudi FM’s anti-Iran claims in Munich

Tehran, A prominent law expert from Geneva's Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies has rejected Iranophobic allegations made by Saudi Arabia's Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir at the Munich Security Conference.

The 54th Munich Security Conference was held on Feb 16-18 gathering 30 heads of countries and over 100 ministers.

Reza Nasri in a Monday Twitter thread revealed all details regarding al-Jubeir's claims as follows:

'[Saudi Arabia] FM Adel Aljubeir, in your speech at the Munich Security Conference, you once again said that 'The Iranian constitution has enshrined in it the concept of exporting the revolution' to make the case that Iran is inherently programmed to interfere in other countries' internal affairs.

This is not true. What the Iranian constitution actually says about the so-called 'exporting the Revolution' is a far cry from the sense you try to convey.

Art. 154 of Iran's const. [Constitution] says: 'While the Islamic Republic of Iran completely abstains from any kind of intervention in the internal affairs of other nations, it supports the struggles of the dispossessed for their rights against the oppressors anywhere in the world'.

It seems you conveniently left out the 'completely abstains from any kind of intervention in the internal affairs of other nations' part of the Constitution in your presentation!

You said: 'The Iranian constitution does not recognize citizenship. It believes that every Shia, dispossessed as it called them, belongs to Iran'. This is not true either!

The Iranian constitution does recognize the concept of citizenship and devotes an entire chapter on the issue (Chapter 3). This, while it advocates political/moral support for the dispossessed anywhere in the world.

In fact, to supplement the Constitution, Iran has also recently adopted a 'Charter on Citizens' Rights' which is a legal instrument directly overseen by the President's Special Assistant for Citizens' Rights Affairs, [Shahindokht Molaverdi].

By the way, this is in stark contrast to your constitution which reads 'People shall pledge allegiance to the King' on the principle of 'hearing is obeying' [Art. 6], leaving you very little room to pose as Rousseau and lecture us on the concept of citizenship.

You said 'Iran has to comport itself with international law, international ethics and values'. This is a little rich coming from a country that recently took another country's Prime Minister hostage during an official visit and forced him to resign!

[Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri announced his resignation from premiership on Nov 4, 2017 from Riyadh in an unexpected move, but the Lebanese President Michel Aoun didn't accept his resignation and urged him to return to Lebanon to detail on it.]

[Most Lebanese, including the president, believe that Hariri and his family were in custody in Saudi Arabia and he has been coerced to resign. Some high-ranking authorities, like German ones, and international media believe the same thing.]

You said 'Since 1979 we have extended our arm to Iran seeking friendship'. No, you have not! Exploiting the post-revolution chaos in Iran, you rather tempted Saddam Hussein to invade Iran and supported him for the next eight years.

This is what the Saudi King (Fahd) confessed to years later when Saddam invaded Kuwait:

The action of leader of Iraq showed his ingratitude to the Saudi military supports for him during 8 years of war against

Iran. If Iraq says it sacrificed its forces, we say we sacrificed our money, our modern weapons, and our international cooperation during the war'.

After that, you violated the 2001 Saudi-Iranian Security Pact; Lobbied Washington to attack Iran; Funded lobbies to push USG and Congress to sanction Iran; Supported MEK [The People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran] terrorist org; Funded terrorist groups (like Jund-Allah and Taliban) near our borders...

...Supported separatist groups; Established anti-Iran anti-Shia Wahhabi schools in our neighboring countries; Made illicit territorial claims against our Islands; Manipulated oil market; Tried to sabotage the nuclear negotiations; Tried to kill the JCPOA...

...Triggered arm-race; Bought $110 billion worth of 'beautiful weapons' from Trump; Killed our pilgrims (by 'negligence') at the Haj; Assaulted our citizens at your airport; Renamed the Persian Gulf...the list goes on!

You said 'I would like to see one Iranian diplomat that Saudi Arabia did harm to. Zero!'. Here is one: Ghazanfar Roknabadi, the former Iranian ambassador to Lebanon.

You said 'We believe in rule of law. We believe in the principle of good neighborliness'. No you don't. See all of the above!'

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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