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Iran a good pattern for fighting terrorism in ME -Russian analyst

Moscow, President of the Russian Academy for Geopolitical Problems said on Tuesday Iran is a good pattern for fighting terrorism in the Middle East since some regional countries claim of fighting terrorism but in fact they are cooperating with terrorism implicitly.

Leonid Ivashov told the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) on Tuesday that Iran has been continuously fighting terrorism and is regarded as a powerful player that changes equations, taking revenge of terrorists only one week after their strike in Ahvaz, once again indicating the fact that it will never retreat, he added.

Iran missile attack on terrorist positions in eastern Syria indicated the country's power.

Terrorists will think of the consequences of the attack to Iran from now, he noted.

Ivashov went on to say, 'We observe in Syria that some Persian Gulf Littoral States give financial and arms aid to terrorist groups.'

Sponsors of terrorism aim to undermine central government in Damascus and paving the way for toppling the Syrian government.

When Iran and Russia realized that terrorist groups had been sent to Syria by regional and trans-regional powers, they began cooperating with Damascus to suppress international terrorists, he said.

Iran-Russia cooperation with regional countries for maintaining security will not end and we will observe developing cooperation in the future, Ivashov said.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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