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Iran, Afghanistan ties beyond political, diplomatic spheres: Official

– Kerman deputy governor general for political, security and social affairs said on Tuesday that Iran-Afghanistan relations go beyond the political and diplomatic arenas and are based on cultural commonalities.

Mohammad Sadeq Basiri in a meeting with the Afghan Ambassador to Tehran Abdolghafor Lival late on Tuesday added that Iran and Afghanistan have common views on various issues such as fighting against terrorism and narcotics, and they boast of numerous cultural commonalities.

"Nobody can take away cultural commonalities from us and Afghan refugees' peaceful coexistence in Kerman province indicates depth of closeness between the two nations."

Afghan ambassador, for his part, thanked people of Kerman province for their hospitality, hoping for establishment of peace in Afghanistan.

He further pointed to the return of immigrants as one of the priorities of his country.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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