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Iran-Algeria joint production of ‘Ahmed Bey’ launched

Algiers, Shooting of a joint film by Iran and Algeria was launched in CACD cinema town in Algiers.

The film depicts episodes of Algerian fighter Ahmed Bey who was ruling Algeria's Constantine in the Ottoman era. He spent many years of his life fighting French colonization.

The film, in cooperation with Iranian specialists, and financed by Algerian ministry of culture, is directed by Jamal Shourjeh and produced by Samira Hadj Jilani.

An Iranian team will give consultation on the stunt, make-up, shooting and sound-on-film.

All the actors and actresses are Algerian, but the behind-the-scene elements are Iranian, said Amir Mousavi, Iran's Cultural Attache in Algiers.

The film screen writer Rabih Zarif told Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) that the cooperation will prove to be a helpful experience for him and other Algerian artists.

He also called for bridging the two countries' cinema industries so that the Algerian artists can enjoy Iranian experience.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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