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Iran analyst says no owes to West for regional crimes

Tehran, Iranian Academic and Political Analyst Mohammad Marandi revealed the West's crimes in the region saying the regional countries should not be apologetic to the West for their crimes.

He made the remarks in an exclusive interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) at the sideline of a conference titled Terrorism a Common Worry, Study of the Dimensions of the Attacks on Muslims in New Zealand here.

One of the major problems is that we are too apologetic we do not owe anything to Western regime they are the problem they are the one who created this catastrophe across the world they are the ones who helped extremism whether it is Zionists extremism, Wahhabi extremism they helped these extremists to create destruction across this region, he said.

He was referring to a terrorist attack in the city of Christchurch in New Zealand on Friday during which at least 49 people have been killed so far, and 50 seriously injured. The attack happened after gunmen opened fire at two mosques in Christchurch when hundreds of Muslims had gathered to say their prayers.

Marandi added they are the ones who should apologize for their actions they are one who are systematically destroying country after country.

If they stop killing, if they did not destroy Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, and Palestine, Afghanistan and if they did not impose sanctions on Iran we would not have these people moving, he said, advising West to stop dilapidation of regional states if they are concerned about immigration and migration and refugees.

If they had not plundered Africa, we would not have seen all these people moving toward Europe or Western countries, he reiterated.

Underling the efforts made by the West to prevent their own people to be informed of the truth, Marandi said Julian Assange id trapped in small room in central London he is not allowed to speak to the media they are trying to harass him he cannot leave his room in the Ecuadorian embassy.

He noted Chelsea Manning who gives Assange and WikiLeaks information about American war crimes in Iraq was arrested and tortured under Obama so the United States is itself preventing the world from spreading.

Furthermore, for much of the conference he underlined the recent crime in New Zealand, saying, the terrorist attack in New Zealand for many of us is not I think surprising it is expected and I thinks this is not going to be the last attack that we will be seeing in the coming months and years.

It is a repetition of what has been going on for a very long time we witness it on a daily basis in other parts of the world but it is no longer really reported in the media, American drone strikes takes place on a regular basis thousands of families every year mourn their losses, Iranian analyst added.

The drone pilots are the terrorists the, Western government who gives the orders are the terrorist, Marandi said adding but we don't seem to consider it as terrorist attacks.

Referring to the destruction of Yemen and the subjugation of the Yemeni people, the starvation that the United States and the Saudis and Western countries imposed on Yemen or on Gaza for years, he said that is an act of terror that killed infinitely more people than those who were killed in New Zealand or in Paris.

He also pointed to US crimes in Afghanistan saying in other words they sacrificed the country for their interests they help create AlQaeda, Taliban and their allies.

Yet they are not considered as terrorist, Marandi reiterated.

American exceptionalism, this orientalist world view that many Europeans and the American have allow them to view their policy, actions as legitimate and therefore when they murder, they destroy somehow that is acceptable, he said.

No one is in jail in the US for giving Saddam Hussein chemical weapons, no one in Europe is in jail and many of them are in European parliament right now and many of them are in the government now, Marandi added referring to former Iraqi regime chemical crimes in Halabja.

On March 16, Saddam conducted chemical attack, martyring more than 5,000 citizens and injuring more than 10,000 others in Halabja.

Tens of thousands Halabja citizens were forced to flee to camps on borders with Iran to get immune of the deadly attacks and more than 70 families lost their children in the movements.

He noted none of them have been handed over to Iran or to Iraq for the crimes that they have committed through the chemical weapons that they provided Saddam Hussein with.

Marandi went on to say they have created Saddam Hussein and then they destroyed Saddam Hussein and in the process they destroyed Iraq just as they destroyed Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria in the name of freedom they funded AlQaeda, ISIS, AlNusra Front.

All these extremist groups were supported by the West, Western intelligence agencies allowed their own citizens to be influenced by these extremist in their own countries and they facilitated their movement to Syria. Western countries allowed ISIS to do oil trade with Turkey, he added.

We know from an interview from Obama that the US allowed the ISIS to advance in Baghdad to put pressure on the Iraqi government.

We know from the defense intelligence agency document of 2012 that the United Sates allowed and supported the regimes in the region to support the extremists to create a Salafi state between Iraq and Syria which later became ISIS.

Yet now the Americans claim that they destroyed the ISIS, they have helped create ISIS, he reiterated.

In the meantime, he referred to West's crimes in Libya and Palestine saying they destroyed Libya the wealthiest country in Africa through an illegal war and now slave trade is taking place openly in the country.

The Israeli regime occupies Lebanon it is for security reasons and when Hezbollah and the Resistance fight and push them back they are terrorist organizations, he added.

He noted an apartheid regime in Palestine is called democracy whereas an indigenous people of Palestine who are subjugated, terrorized, murdered and are victims of racism on a daily basis are somehow the perpetrators of violence and terrorism.

This is partially because of the sheer power of the Western culture through Hollywood, media, think tanks, literature and through whole network of cultural capability that they have, he reiterated.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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