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Iran archer reaches final of Czech Para-archery tourney

Tehran, Iranian disabled female archer Zahra Nemati advanced to the final of individual recurve competitions in Czech Republic Para-archery tournament.

On the second day of the international tourney Wednesday, Nemati reached the final of individual recurve competitions and is to face a rival from Poland for the gold medal.

Other Iranian archer Zahra Delkhosh did not make it to the final stage and is to compete against a British archer for the third title.

The international Para-archery tournament is now underway in the Czech Republic from July 3-7.

Archery is open to athletes with a physical impairment, who may shoot with assistive devices allowed under classification rules, if required. Para archery competition, which includes specific competition categories for athletes with certain classifications, is an integral part of the Paralympics Games.

The first archery competition for those with physical impairments took place at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in 1948 for recovering veterans.

As participants from other nationalities became involved over the years, this event became the precursor to the Paralympics Games. When the first Paralympiad was held at Rome 1960, Para archery was part of the program � and it has remained there ever since.

International Para archery was organized by the International Paralympics Committee until 2009 when responsibility as the governing body for rules, regulations and promotion was transferred to World Archery. Still working closely with the IPC, World Archery promotes Para archery at the world, continental and national levels, including additional competition categories in tournaments outside of the Paralympics Games to increase participation and the opportunity for medals.

Any archer can apply to be classified at the international level through their national governing body. A classification does not necessarily make an athlete eligible to compete in a Para archery division, but may make them eligible to compete with an assistive device.

Para archery competition classifications currently consist of open, W1 and visually impaired categories. Only a thorough classification examination may determine whether an athlete can compete in any category, however there are basic differences between the three.C

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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