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Iran attends conference on terrorism in Spain

Madrid, The conference on Resistance and terrorism in the Middle East was held Friday attended by Iran cultural attache in Spain and Arab Science Journalists Association (ASJA) in Spain in Madrid.

Iran cultural attache to Spain Alireza Esmaili referred to extremism as the outcome of dogmatism which he said is far from rationality and Islamic Sharia.

'Iran is the victim of terrorism', he said referring to measures taken by the Islamic Republic of Iran in fighting extremism.

The professor of Complutense University of Madrid Pablo Sapag, referred to resistance in the Middle East, saying most of the regional countries are in bad conditions. 'Especially when US attacked Iraq and created chaos in that area in 2012.'

Despite the tragedy of chaos in the region, he added, there is still hope for the future of these countries.

Although these countries are said to have failed, it is not true, and this is what is evident during the 70 years of Palestinian resistance and the struggle against the Zionist regime, the Spainish researcher said.

For seven years, the Syrian people have been standing against the West and its allies who tended to use terrorism as a tool to destabilize the country, Sapag said.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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