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Iran, Azerbaijan consider expanding cultural ties

– Iran’s Ambassador to Baku Abbas Mousavi met Azerbaijani Minister of Culture Anar Kermov on Thursday to exchange opinions on expanding cultural ties between the two countries.

In the meeting, Azerbaijan’s Minister of Culture congratulated Iranians on Nowruz and pointed to the longstanding traditions common between the two countries, highlight Baku’s support for Iran’s stance on common cultures among nations in the region.

He also praised Iran’s stances in the recent military conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia over the internationally recognized as Azerbaijani land Nagorno Karabakh.

Kerimov said his country was ready to cooperate with Iran on different cultural and environmental issue, including common cultural heritage, Caspian Hyrcanian forests and historical places like Khoda-afarin Bridge.

Describing the Persian poet Nezami Ganjavi as a legacy of all mankind, the cultural minister offered to cooperate with Tehran on his works, including manuscripts.

Iran’s Ambassador, in turn, highlighted the unrivaled level of commonality between Iran and Azerbaijan, saying that the relationship between the two countries was the true instance of ‘one nation, two states.’

Mousavi said that Tehran was ready to hold joint exhibitions and cultural-scientific events with Azerbaijan on Nezami, as a global scale poet who can be a cause of friendship between two countries.

Referring to the agreement signed between Iran and Azerbaijan on cultural exchanges which is due to expire soon, Mousavi offered to extend the agreement.

He also touched on Iran’s offer to establish a union of Caspian Sea states, including Iran, Russia, Azerbaijan Republic, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan and insisted on pursuing the initiative.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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