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Iran-Azerbaijan joint economic commission to be held early January

– Head of Iran's Presidential Office Mahmoud Vaezi said on Thursday that the joint economic commission of Iran and Azerbaijan will be held early January.

Vaezi pointed out that Azerbaijan’s Deputy Prime Minister Shahin Mostafayev visited Iran on Tuesday and noted that among the most important agreements made on the trip were the construction of a new power plant in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic and a bridge in Astarachay, as well as Iranian companies’ participation in reconstruction of liberated areas.

He said that after the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia, conditions have changed and using the new conditions needs negotiations about several issues.

He added that according to the talks, Iran and Azerbaijan are to cooperate in making tractors, buses, and medicines and said Iran is supposed to build these factories in Azerbaijan.

Referring to the preferential trade agreements made on the visit, Vaezi said it was decided that the joint economic commission of Iran and Azerbaijan be held in Tehran in three weeks.

He went on to say that with the new developments, the relations between Tehran and Baku will expand.

Answering a question about Jolfa railroad, he said Iran was connected to the USSR and Europe through this railway, but it is not anymore.

He added that the issue was discussed in the meetings and if conditions between Azerbaijan and Armenia become calmer, the railroad will reactivate.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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