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Iran backs sending pilgrims on Hajj: Official

Visiting Hajj terminal at Imam Khomeini Airport, Representative of the Supreme Leader in Hajj and Pilgrimage Hojjatoleslam Ali Qazi Askar said the necessary consular measures have been taken and in a few days the Iranian pilgrims' visas will be issued.

The medical team of Hajj is recording the pilgrims' information as Saudi Arabia has demanded so that electronic visas can be issued in time.

Iranian pilgrims couldn't attend the great religious ritual of Hajj in 2016 as the Saudi officials failed to ensure security for them based on provisions made by the Iranian officials after the tragic incident in 2015.

About 500 Iranian pilgrims were killed during a stampede in 2015 Hajj annual congregation when, according to reports, two large groups of pilgrims arrived together at a crossroads in Mina, a few kilometers east of Mecca, on their way to performing the 'Stoning of the Devil' ritual at Jamarat.

It is incumbent on Muslims to perform Hajj at least once during their lifetimes, if possible.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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