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Iran bans entry from eastern borders

– Iran’s Customs spokesman, Rouhollah Latifi, said on Friday that entering the country from the eastern borders for the citizens of Afghanistan, Pakistan and other countries was prohibited due to the coronavirus conditions.

Latifi said that the ban was put in place on Wednesday for Pakistani citizens and Afghan nationals and citizens of other countries were banned from entering the country on Thursday.

Citizens of Pakistan and Afghanistan normally entered Iran from border crossings of Mirjaveh, Rimdan, Milak, Mahiroud and Dogharoun on the eastern borders.

He said that because of a delay in informing border guard entities of new coronavirus-related restrictions, 192 people crossed Mirjaveh and Rimdan border on Tuesday.

Iran has taken precautionary measures to prevent the new Indian variant of the coronavirus from entering the country.

The country is already struggling with the fourth wave of COVID-19 pandemic with the daily number of deaths touching 496 cases on Monday.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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