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Iran Beauty and Clean 97 kicks off in Tehran

Tehran, The 25th International Exhibition on Detergent, Cleanser, Hygienic Cellulose Products and Machinery started work in Tehran International Fair Ground on Thursday

Over 300 domestic and 130 foreign companies are participating in the event.

The event got underway with the participation of 19 countries including China, Turkey, Germany, France, Italy, the UAE, Malaysia, India, Spain, South Korea, Poland, the UK, the Netherlands, Belarus, Slovenia, Singapore Portugal and Brazil.

In the exhibition, a variety of detergents and detergents for cosmetic and cellulose products, skin care products, oral, dental and dye products, perfumes, eau de cologne and perfume sprays and home health products as well as hygienic industry production lines, equipment and machinery are being exhibited.

The exhibition will be underway until April 29.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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