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Iran-Belarus sports, tourism cooperation will improve

Moscow, Iran's Ambassador to Belarus Mustafa Oweisi stressed the need for promoting Tehran-Minsk ties in the fields of sports and tourism

In a meeting with Belarusian Minister of Sports and Tourism Sergey Kovalchuk, he explained Iran's sport capacities and called for further strengthening of sport ties between the two countries.

Referring to Iran's remarkable progress in the field of sport over the past years, he described mutual cooperation and exchanging experience as valuable, saying that the two sides can share experience in the field of sports.

Recalling the ancient civilization and history of the Islamic Iran, Oweisi said that Iran boasts of diverse cultural, artistic and Islamic attractions and the two countries can also take long strides in the field of tourism.

Kovalchuk, for his part, stressed the need for friendly and all-out ties between the two countries, saying that development of sports ties between Iran and Belarus is necessary for deepening relations between the two nations.

Belarus gained independence in 1991 after the former Soviet Union collapsed.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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