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Iran calls for termination of war, bloodshed in Yemen

Tehran, Iran's foreign ministry in a statement issued on Monday strongly condemned aggression of coalition forces led by Saudi Arabia to Yemen and called for immediate termination of war and bloodshed in the country.

It is about four years that Yemen has been target of aggression and endless war and now 'we are approaching the fifth year', the statement read.

Confessions made by the international officials and organizations, over 24 million o people are in dire need of humanitarian assistance, over 15 million suffers malnutrition and millions of others suffer famine and hungriness under neutrality of the international community to such developments, it said.

The Islamic Republic of Iran in line with its principles seeks a political solution to deal with political crisis in Yemen and fully backs escalation of comprehensive ceasefire and removal of economic sanctions through understanding among Yemeni political wings to help alleviate peoples sufferings, it said.

Tehran believes that Stockholm's agreements leave vital impacts on putting an end to Yemen's crisis, it said.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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