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Iran cautions Iraq on secessionist approaches

Tehran, July 23, - Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani cautioned Iraq on the secessionist approaches in the country, adding that it can be manipulated by the greedy Iraqi enemies and prepare the ground for making unrest and instability there.

He made the remarks in a meeting with Iraqi Defense Minister Erfan al-Hiyali.

During the meeting, Shamkhani praised Iraqi people, Army and popular forces' resistance against terrorist groups.

Close military, security and cultural cooperation to counter terrorism among countries fallen victim to terrorism in the region is an inevitable necessity, he added.

Shamkhani said that cooperation among countries that are victims of terrorism can deter revival of terrorist rings and would prevent foreign military intervention in the region under the pretext of fighting terrorism.

While the US officials and their coalition declared that the re-capture of the occupied lands from Daesh needs seven years, following the guidelines of the religious leaders Iraqis liberated the occupied lands in a short period of time, he noted.

Shamkhani said that territorial integrity and national unity of Iraq guarantees stability, security and interests of all Iraqi sects and ethnic groups.

Iranian government and people like always would continue support for the Iraqi armed forces and would assist Baghdad to eliminate terrorist threats, establish peace and security and re-construct the war-torn region, he added.

Shamkhani referred to regional developments, in particular recent Zionist regime crimes in al-Quds, and noted that the Palestinian people's uprising in Al-Aqsa mosque was a heavy blow to certain regional counties' conspiracies and their efforts to normalize relations with the occupying forces.

He emphasized boosting unity and solidarity among Muslim countries and their reliance on common Islamic teachings.

Today, the Islamic world is facing a very dangerous threat which is far dangerous than the danger of Takfiri groups, Shamkhani said, noting that magnifying the issue of Takfirism should not lead to marginalization of the Palestinian issue.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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