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Iran chief of staff urges deterrence promotion

Tehran, The chief of staff of Armed Forces of Iran urged the researchers in the field of defense on Monday to devise a new road map to be able to produce more deterrent power to heighten Islamic Establishment's authority more than before.

'Iran has been promoting science in the past 40 years, which has been introduced as 'power' in our religious sources,' said MajorGeneral MohammadHossein Baqeri in an event attended by defense industries' experts in Tehran.

He also called on the authorities to be more serious in doing their duty of promoting science and technology.

Referring to the industries and their role in creating power, General Baqeri said, 'Important research projects, as a deterrent factor, change the tone of the powerful countries, which manifests the importance of research as a powerdeveloping principle.

He referred to the 40 years of threats against Iran and said that the enemies of the Islamic Establishment have been changing tactics and updating resources to damage Iran; therefore, the security of Iran depends on the power of deterrence.

Saying that Iran doesn't believe in copying foreign defense equipment, he added, 'The country's security will only be provided by novel creative moves because the enemy has been spending big budgets to go on with its hostility.'

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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