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Iran closes Shalamcheh passenger terminal on joint border with Iraq

Iran has closed Shalamcheh passenger terminal on the joint border with Iraq preventing Iraqi nationals from coming into the Iranian soil as the COVID-19 cases in the Iranian southwestern province of Khuzestan have surged, a provincial official said on Saturday.

Mohammad Heydari, the deputy governor of Khouzestan Province, said that the closure of the joint border takes place following an order by the provincial headquarters of the fight against the coronavirus disease.

He said that Shalamcheh terminal is open to commerce so that traders and businesspersons from both countries can continue with border trade observing health protocols.

Minister of Health Saeed Namaki issued a letter on Wednesday calling on Interior Minister and the national headquarters for the fight against the coronavirus disease to block all border terminals in and out of Khuzestan Province.

Some 300 to 400 tucks carry Iranian goods to Iraq via Shalamcheh border terminal every day.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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