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Iran condemns ‘divisive’ movie about Prophet Mohammad’s daughter

– Iranian ambassador to the UK condemned the divisive movie about the daughter of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), Fatimah (AS).

"In a letter to the Shia and Sunni Islamic centers in the UK, I categorically condemned the film "The Lady of Heaven" produced in the UK as a divisive action, and expressed our concern over the attempts to create division and hatred among Muslims at this sensitive time," wrote Hamid Baeidinejad in a Twitter message on Monday.

"Such divisive attempt undermines the fundamental principles of Islam, as well as the teachings of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Muslim community both Shia and Sunni, need to be vigilant and act in unity to condemn this film and resort to legal steps to ban the film in the UK.”

“Lady of Heaven”, which was released on 30 December, 2020, regards an Iraqi child that loses his mother in the midst of war-torn country and then realizes the importance and power of patience by learning about story of Lady Fatima and her suffering.

After losing his mother, the child lives with grandmother who tells him the story.

Several Shia clerics and centers have already issued statements to warn about the divisive consequences of the movie and that such provocative measures have no place in Shia teachings.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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