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Iran condemns expelling diplomats from Netherlands

Tehran, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qasemi described the expulsion of two Iranian diplomats from the Netherlands as 'unconstructive and unfriendly'.

Condemning the move, Qasemi said, 'The Islamic Republic of Iran considers the decision as unconstructive in bilateral relations.'

He said foreign minister's assistant immediately summoned Dutch ambassador to Tehran to inform him of the official protest of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran over the unfriendly action.

'The Islamic Republic of Iran wants preservation and expansion of relations with all countries based on understanding and mutual respect, while as victim of terrorist actions, re-emphasizes its principled stance for stern and non-discriminatory campaign of all members of the global community against terrorism,' Qasemi added.

The foreign ministry spokesman described as 'illogical and legally unjustifiable' the move of Dutch government, and said, 'We expect officials of the country to stop leveling unwise and unjustified allegations to others and act on their international commitments to arrest and try the terrorist elements, for whom red notice has been issued even by Interpol, providing explanations on providing haven for the terrorist and criminal members of the hated MKO grouplet, whose hands are stained with blood of Iranian people.'

The foreign ministry spokesman underlined that as the Netherlands government had been informed earlier, the Islamic Republic of Iran preserves it as its right to take reciprocal action.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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