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Iran condemns terror attack in Kabul

Tehran, Aug 25, Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi condemned the terrorist attack on Imam Zaman (AS) Mosque in Kabul, saying that terrorists have targeted unity and solidarity of the Afghan nation.

Denouncing the Daesh terror attack on the mosque in Kabul which left dozens of innocent and defenseless Afghans killed or wounded, Qasemi expressed sympathy with the Afghan people, government, and families of the victims.

'No doubt that fanning the flames of religious conflicts and disrupting unity among the patient Afghan nation are among the goals of collapsing terrorists,' he said, urging Afghan nation and government 'to keep vigilance against terrorists to get them and their sponsors disappointed'.

Four armed attackers struck the mosque packed with people attending Friday prayers in Afghan capital killing at least 2 worshippers and wounding 7.

However, certain Afghan sources have reported that at least five women worshippers and two policemen have also lost their lives during the attack.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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