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Iran cooperation with Europe depends on FMs meeting outcome

Tehran, President Hassan Rouhani told German Chancellor Angela Merkel over phone Thursday afternoon that Iran will continue cooperation with Europe if the meeting of foreign ministers of Iran and five JCPOA members produces promising results.

Referring to the US unilateral withdrawal from Iran deal and the limited time frame provided for Europe to clearly express its views on how it wants to save the deal, Rouhani said the US exit from the JCPOA has caused some problems in the fields of economy, banking ties and oil and made investors uncertain about continuation of their activities in Iran.

Terming as 'disappointing' the package offered by three European countries to Iran on how they would implement their obligations under the deal, Rouhani said 'Unfortunately, the package lacked a clear and practical plan or certain methods for continuation of cooperation. It set forth a series of general obligations just like those contained in previous EU statements.'

Stressing that the JCPOA is two-way and reciprocal agreement, Rouhani expressed hope the Friday's meeting of the foreign ministers of Iran and five remaining members of the JCPOA would have a 'clear, straightforward and promising message for keeping the JCPOA.'

For her part, the German chancellor said the proposed package contained general topics and principles and noted that negotiations should continue on the details. Merkel said 'What matters is that we know and are confident that we want to stay in the JCPOA,' she added.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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