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Iran, cradle of civilization: Tunisian author

Algiers, Iran has a very rich culture and civilization and it is an excellent example of peaceful coexistence, a prominent Tunisian author said.

Mona Bazawi, writer, poet and researcher, who has visited Iran and written a book about her tour of various Iranian cities, described Iran as the mother of cultures and the cradle of art and civilization.

Relying on its rich history, she told Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), the country is like a deep-rooted and mighty tree which is resisting all thunders.

The Tunisian researcher noted that during her visit to Iran she had faced on-the-ground realities that were totally different from what she had previously heard.

Bazawi said Iran is a country steeped in art, culture and civilization, Iranians respect the followers of other religions, and they coexist peacefully.

Despite all problems, Iranians do not bow down to pressure from their enemies, she stated.

Highlighting what she called Iranians' respect for women, she expressed surprise at seeing women taking part in different kinds of activities and making remarkable achievements.

With regard to the Iranian culture, the Tunisian writer said the Iranian culture and civilization are ancient and deep-rooted and the history of its civilization is evident in the country's museums and everyday life of people.

Iran is the land of peaceful coexistence and the Iranian people do not hold radical beliefs about religious issues, she stated.

The Tunisian author said the reason for writing a book on Iran was that some people and some countries seek to tarnish Iran's image so she felt she had a duty to paint a picture of the realities, advancements, culture, civilization and art of the Iranian people.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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