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Iran culture minister lauds Cinema Verite organizers’ efforts

Iran's Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Abbas Salehi wished all the best for the organizers of the 14th Iran International Documentary Film Festival known as “Cinema Verite”.

In a message to “Cinema Verite”, Iranian minister hailed the zealous efforts of festival organizers.

The message of Iranian minister is as follows:

The Documentary cinema is the clear language for portraying the unpretentious image of the high-minded artists of Islamic Iran. The cherished, concerned and searching look of the documentary filmmakers has found its true place among the people of thought and wisdom in recent years, and no wit has more credibility and interest among the art-loving people of this region. The Cinema Verite is considered as the intersection of the truth-seeking citizen's vision and the effort of the truth-seeking artists.

An increase in the participation of documentarians in this edition of the festival, especially the significant presence of women artists in the forthcoming period, indicates the consistency of this cultural event and its significance to cinematographers. It also indicates the provision of a favorable environment for the crystallization of creativity and abilities of women artists in this land. Hopefully, despite we are experiencing worries and hardships due to the spread of coronavirus, the successful holding of this festival will shine a light on our future and open a window to new horizons.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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