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Iran denounces accusations by Arab quartet committee

Tehran, Spokesman of Iran's Foreign Ministry on Friday rejected the statement of Arab quartet committee and expressed regret that some countries in the region are pursuing their adverse stance ignoring the common enemy of the Muslim world.

Bahram Qasemi said that all accusations against Iran by the committee held on the sidelines of the preliminary meetings of Arab League summit are baseless and a result of delusion.

The committee in its statement has accused Iran of interfering in domestic affairs of Arab countries.

Arab quadret committtee is comprised of the four Arab countries: Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

He also expressed regret that some countries in the region, having forgotten the common enemy of the Muslim world, are insisting on their wrong, attritional stance against Islamic Republic of Iran.

All the points mentioned in the statement of the quartet committee are false, baseless and the continuation of a trend that, unfortunately, will deny the region stability and peace, instead of restoring them, he said.

Qasemi expressed hope that the upcoming summit of Arab League will be able to identify the real stabilizing factors and the nature of the current crises in the region, unaffected by multiple standards.

He also said that the summit should take steps towards convergence among Arab and Muslim countries.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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