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Iran draws attention to climate change outcomes

Tehran, Disapproving the US withdrawal from international deals such as Paris agreement, Iran's foreign ministry spokesman on Monday urged all states to take the climate change phenomenon seriously.

Expressing sadness over the death of scores of people in Canada due to a heat wave, Bahram Qasemi called on all states to take the climate change and its consequences seriously.

Reports said that the death toll in Canada's Quebec Province has reached 54 by Sunday.

The spokesman also urged them to be committed to their obligations with regard to the horrible phenomenon that claims the lives of thousands of people, and kills animals species and eliminates plants.

Denouncing the US withdrawal from international agreements like climate agreement, he emphasized the importance of commitment to the agreements by the industrialized countries that have a major role in producing and releasing green house gases and other pollutants, global warming, and other phenomena such as droughts and dust storms.

Washington last summer officially announced its pull-out from the Paris agreement that was signed by 195 countries.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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