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Iran economic successes to foil US sanctions: Syrian expert

Scientific and economic achievements gained recently by Iran indicate that the country is on way to development and cannot be affected by the US unfair sanctions, a Syrian expert in strategic affairs said on Monday.

US unjust economic sanctions against Iran can hurt Washington in the future, Hayan Suleiman told the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) in an exclusive interview.

Referring to US President Donald Trump's move to grant eight countries Iran's sanctions waiver, Suleiman said that such a move proved that Tehran still has a high-level position as Washington could not attract the world to accompany it.

After Washington's May 8 exit from the Iran Deal, formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the US gave a 90- to 180-day wind-down period to other countries before it starts re-imposing sanctions on Tehran on November 4. The US move drew criticism of the world leaders, particularly the Europeans.

Despite world's disapproval, US sanctions on Iran will go into effect as of November 5, according to the American officials' remarks.

As the Syrian expert said, since Trump took office about two years ago, he has breached several international deals including the JCPOA and the Paris Agreement.

Such unilateral withdrawal shows that the United States is following a wrong policy, which directs the world to a trade war with the European Union (EU) and China, Suleiman added.

About the goals behind sanctions against Iran, the Syrian expert said that the bans are being re-imposed on the demand of the Zionist regime of Israel .

Surely, Iran can breeze through the sanctions, even if certain regional countries support the bans, he noted.

Criticizing the US anti-Iran measures, Suleiman said sanctions will create tension in the world.

About Tehran's foothold in the region, Suleiman said that Iran is a powerful regional country, and all of its allies have stood by Iran to counter the US plots.

Referring to Strait of Hormuz as a strategic geographical region in south of Iran, the expert said that the Strait can change all enemies' equations.

In a related development, Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly condemned US re-imposition of sanctions against Iran.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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