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Iran encouraging political settlement of Yemen crisis: Diplomat

Tehran, Source: Kazakhstan 2050 Source: Kazakhstan 2050 Iran has always encouraged all parties in the Yemeni conflict to maintain cooperation and find a political solution to the crisis, Counselor and Head of Press Office at Iranian Mission to the United Nations said.

The massive, indiscriminate aerial bombings and blockade of Yemen have created a historic humanitarian crisis. The UNSC now has an urgent and serious responsibility to take the necessary measures to address war crimes and violations of international humanitarian law, Alireza Miryousefi said in a Twitter message on Tuesday.

These efforts are being made the primary supporters of the aggression against the Yemeni people, the US and the UK, and designed to distract the international community from the brutal and relentless attacks being conducted by the Saudi coalition over the past 3 years, he wrote in a separate message.

In a Twitter thread, Miryousefi also released a statement on a UNSC voting session which follows:

Today US and UK attempted to misuse Security Council procedures to advance their political agenda and put the blame of all happens in Yemen on Iran, by pushing an unwarranted draft resolution.

The Islamic Republic of Iran while categorically rejects allegations regarding arms transfer to Yemen, firmly believes that such attempts by US and UK, as the major military supporters of the war of aggression against Yemen, aims to distract the international community from realities in Yemen and the catastrophic humanitarian situation that has resulted from the relentless and brutal attacks by the Saudi-led Coalition during the past three years.

Due to the massive, indiscriminate aerial bombings and the blockade of Yemen which have exacerbated the humanitarian situation in Yemen, the Security Council has an urgent and serious responsibility to take necessary measures to counter war crimes and violations of international humanitarian law in Yemen, and hold the perpetrators and their supporters accountable. Furthermore, under current circumstances, the priority shall be given to alleviating the sufferings of Yemeni people including women and children, removing the inhumane blockade, and facilitating the delivery of much-needed humanitarian assistance to Yemen. We once again call on all parties to observe international law and protect civilians.

Iran maintained from the start of this crisis that the Yemeni conflict had no military solution and that only consensus-based political settlement could bring about the stability and tranquility that the people of Yemen deserve. Iran continues to encourage all parties in Yemeni conflict to cooperate towards finding a Yemeni led Yemeni owned political settlement for Yemen, including with the new Special Representative of the Secretary General Martin Griffiths.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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