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Iran ensures security of foreign trade ships

"Currently, all the ports in our country continue to serve various types of ships and are discharging or loading cargo. The movement in Iran's waters are normal," said Mohammad Rastad,

"So far no incident or emergency situation has occurred in country's trade ports and all the activities are carried out in normal way," he said.

The official indicated there is no concern over movement for Iranian fleet in foreign ports or for foreign ships importing goods to Iranian ports.

"There is no need for escorting ships, and we have always insisted that Iran's waters are the safest waters in the world," he said referring to British Navy escorting ships in the Persian Gulf.

"Due to availability of Iran's fleet in our waters, there is no need for foreign fleet to escort ships. It has been repeated constantly that we have provided security in the Persian Gulf waters and the Sea of Oman," he added.

Source: Ports & Maritime Organization

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