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Iran envoy hails gov’t political orientation

Bandar Abbas, Iranian Envoy to Qatar welcomed the correct political orientation adopted by President Hassan Rouhani's government at internal and external levels.

There is a suitable image of Iran in the international investment field, Mohammad Ali Sobhani said in a conference on investment opportunities in Hormuzgan Province.

He added that regional and domestic Investments and also the Iranian residents outside the country are among investments to which more attention should be paid.

He went on to say that Iranian investors from Hormuzgan are active in Qatar and have achieved great success.

Referring to over 1,000 billion assets in the Persian Gulf Littoral States, Sobhani urged Persian Gulf States, especially Iran, Qatar and Iraq to stand by each other due to the US pressures.

He also described the Persian Gulf as an international asset by which countries will be able to be independent from the US.

The Persian Gulf Littoral States are not supposed to accept whatever the US and Europe dictate, Sobhani noted.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he called on maintaining new cooperation between Iran, Qatar and other regional countries.

The event was held with the attendance of 500 domestic and foreign guests in southern Iran.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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