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Iran envoy to Kuwait to stay in country: Foreign Ministry

Tehran, July 24, IRNA The Islamic Republic of Iran's ambassador to Kuwait is going to stay in the Persian Gulf country and the Iranian mission will represent Tehran at ambassadorial level with no problems, Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi said on Monday in his weekly press conference.

Answering a question on Iran, Kuwait ties and the latter call for reduction of Iranian diplomats at the Islamic Republic embassy in Kuwait, Qasemi said, The Foreign Ministry has declared its position on the issue and no Iranian diplomats have been expelled.

Iran has cut the number of its embassy staff in Kuwait and the process has nothing to do with expulsion of Iranian diplomats from the country or their announcement as personae non gratae, he added.

We have always maintained positive ties with Kuwait in the Persian Gulf; however, the recent move by the country was not appropriate and the action was blameworthy, he said.

Yet, we will continue our talks and contacts, Qasemi said.

According to the Foreign Ministry spokesman, Iran's ambassador to Kuwait in a visit on Thursday with the country's foreign ministry officials was informed that Kuwait was willing to see the number of Iranian embassy staff reduced in a period of a month and a half and that the decision on the issue would stay on the embassy officials.

We reserve the right for Iran to, if necessary, take reciprocal measures in due time, he said.

The number of Kuwaiti diplomats in Tehran does not exceed the number of staff in the Iranian embassy in Kuwait.

A limited number of Kuwaiti diplomats continue their activities in Tehran, the Spokesman added.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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