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Iran envoy urges expansion of IranTurkey relations

Tehran, Iran's Ambassador to Turkey Mohammad Farazmand has underlined expansion of trade and economic cooperation between the two important regional countries of Iran and Turkey.

Farazmand made the announcement in an address to the panel meeting of IranTurkey Relations In light of Sanctions, according to Anadolu News Agency.

Farazmand said Turkey has not tried to take advantage of weaknesses of regional countries to get economically and politically empowered and public opinion in Iran believes so.

As for disputes and conflicts among the Middle East states, Farazmand said peace and stability govern on IranTurkey border in the sensitive Middle East region.

He said the US exerts pressure through reviving sanctions on countries and the companies having trade ties with Iran. 'We are aware of Turkish traders' concern over lowering volume of trade with Iran due to the sanctions.'

Meanwhile, representative of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) in Turkey and head of IranTurkey parliamentary friendship group Osman Nuri Gulacar told the meeting that a very positive atmosphere is available for expansion of trade between Iran and Turkey.

Gulacar said due to the US sanctions, Iran is facing serious problems in importing capital and intermediary goods as well as raw materials, so its cooperation with Turkey under such conditions will serve as a great advantage for the country.

He noted that Iranian and Turkish traders' investment will benefit both sides. 'The two countries can cooperate in tourism, energy, education, health and production industries.'

He announced that Turkey has shown principled stances visA�vis the US' antiIran sanctions.

Gulacar said Iranians have an outstanding share in Turkey's tourism as two million Iranian tourists visited Turkey last year.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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