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Iran: Europe to offer JCPOA package by end of month

Tehran, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for political affairs Abbas Araqchi said on Saturday that European Union is to offer its package which guarantees preserving the JCPOA till end of June.

Presently and due to the withdrawal of the US from the JCPOA, the treaty is in critical conditions, he said, adding that Iran is holding talks with the remaining members to bring the nuclear talks back on the track or else to return to pre-JCPOA era and even beyond.

Iran's peaceful nuclear activities and removal of economic sanctions are two main essential pillars of the JCPOA and it is quite natural that the JCPOA balance has been sent on those pillars and in case of any shake or destruction of the pillars, the whole JCPOA will be demolished, Araqchi said.

The US withdrew from the treaty and this brought back economic sanctions which had been removed during that past two and a half years resulting to JCPOA's imbalance, he said.

In an interview with Euro News, 'I used the term ICU' for the JCPOA, he said, adding that its quite evident that the JCPOA is in an odd situation and requires special care and 'we have to examine whether we can bring it back to normal status' or not.

Europe asked us to stay in the JCPOA and they promised to do the same, he said, but the Iranian president said if they can meet Iran's interests, Tehran can meet terms and condition to remain committed to the treaty.

Iran has had intensive talks with the European Union, China and Russia at different levels of the JCPOA, he said.

The EU and three European countries promised 'to provide us' with a practical pack to meet Iran's interests and 'we hope to receive the pack by end of this month', Araqchi said.

Europe should meet Iran's interests in various sectors such as sales of oil and reconvening its revenues, banking exchanges, transpirations, cargo ships and oil tankers and passenger planes, he said.

Tehran has explicitly declared that it has not yet its final decision on staying or leaving the JCPOA and this depends on Europe in meeting Iran's demands, Araqchi said.

Europe, China and Russia mind to stay in the treaty and claim if Iran stays in the treaty they will do the same, he said.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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